Sailing in the Bahamas 

Join me as I take you through a recent sailing trip to the Bahamas. 

Abby + IVY

In December we flew to California to surprise our new friend Abby with a longboard. Abby is fighting thyroid cancer and we were happy to make her day just a bit brighter. For us, our lives were changed. Love this girl and her amazing family!

I Bought a Super 73

I have wanted to buy one of these bikes for so long, and I'm SO thankful to finally own one! First impressions are all positive and exciting! I can't wait to get this thing out in the summer and really put some miles on it!

IVY + Luke: Skating Minneapolis

Follow along as Luke meets up with some homies and skates the streets of downtown Minneapolis.

IVY + Eric

It's been a minute since we've filmed an IVY+ video and we couldn't think of a better person than to jump back into it than with Eric Bear.  Check out my trip with Eric to Minnesota's North Shore.

IVY + Lifestyle

A look into what the IVY Lifestyle is all about.

IVY + The Build

IVY recently teamed up with Harvest Film Co. to give a behind the scenes look at the passion and drive that goes into every IVY board.

Naomi Marie + IVY Studio

Over Christmas break our good friend Naomi was in town and I had the chance to meet up with her. She was showing me a couple of her new songs and I immediately fell in love with this one. I asked if she would be willing to come into the studio so I could film her singing!

Naomi is not only a great friend, but the person that introduced Corey and I! Years ago before we had ever met in person, she connected us on FB noticing that we had similar motorcycles and thought we might get along well! 

Fast forward a couple years and Corey and I are in business together, and Naomi is dropping by our shop to grace us with her wonderful voice.

Life is cool like that and if we continue to say "YES" to life and "YES" to the things that stretch and grow us, the stories we'll tell when we're older will be unmatched! 


IVY 2017 Spring/Summer

A behind the scene look at the IVY Spring Summer line of boards, apparel and accessories.


I brought IVY to Australia last November and met up with some amazing people on the Sunshine Coast. I wrote the dialog in the video while spending time with friends, and experiencing beautiful new places. I don't think I will ever get used to the beauty in this world and the fact that I get to explore it. 

IVY is about community and that is why everything I do is based around people. We are creating a culture of "You Belong" and we're just doing it around one of our favorite things - Skating! We want to create a community that is approachable and accessible. You Belong is saying that you don't need to fit a certain mold in order to be a part of IVY. You don't have to fit in, in order to belong. You already belong.

IVY Goes West: Community + PCH

We grabbed some of our closest friends and took a trip up the coast of California via PCH Highway. This is one of my personal favorite trips I have ever taken. To me IVY isn't JUST about longboards, or t-shirts or hats. IVY is something that makes me feel something. IVY is something that you share with a best friend, late nights and long talks. Bombing a hill or that elusive moment you're always trying to get back. More than anything, IVY is a community and one I feel extremely blessed to have. Thanks to everyone reading this. You are a part of that.


In this IVY + video we are featuring Brandon Eckroth. Brandon is a young photographer and Entrepreneur and an all around inspiring guy to be with. I was stoked to be able to tag along with him in Iceland and hear a bit of his story!


We hopped in the car and headed toChicago to catch up with our friend Taylor. We were able to hear her thoughts on the importance of Community, her photo project, Words from the Window Seat, and being a Wildflower!

IVY Lifestyle


We did a lifestyle + product shoot in Nashville.  Good hangs and great people.  This is the first video from our #ivycommunity series where we will be traveling and meeting people around the world.