+ Steve

I describe myself as a natural dreamer with a lot of wanderlust in my veins, a total adrenaline junkie, a fan of the unknown and the uncomfortable and even the dangerous. Between 2015 and 2016 I spent 9 months in Southeast Asia working with a Thailand-based organization that fights child sex trafficking, and the work took me from mob-run back-alley brothels to countries that would have thrown me in jail had they known my true role. In Indonesia I visited a prison - to teach a guy how to build longboards! - and narrowly missed a huge prison riot. I don't know how I find myself in so many wild and unexpected situations, but they lead to so many incredible encounters, relationships, and memories. I'm always striving to live life in the fullest way I know, and I love encouraging those around me to do the same.

I come from a pretty active and hectic background, but I’ve found that everything I do brings me back to people. I toured in a band for 6 years and it was never just about the music. Music wasn’t worth keeping me away from my family for months at a time - but people were. I carried this same vision over when IVY naturally formed. My dad was a carpenter and I always had a love for working with my hands and creating. Bring human connection into the picture and I have vision for IVY that goes so far beyond just a product.

Growing up, I always struggled to see where I belonged. I never knew where I fit in, and I always seemed to view things with an outside perspective. Even in my closest group of friends, I somehow felt that they all shared something I didn’t posses. I knew the importance of fitting in, but also knew the disappointment of feeling left out. Starting IVY was a beginning in the process of finding my place - Where I belong.

IVY is so much more than a board or a shirt or a hat. IVY has become a feeling. For me, IVY has become a place to belong.

"Shape a culture of belonging and you’ll never be alone"

One of my favorite things about IVY is getting the opportunity to meet the people that make IVY what it is! I'd love the chance to meet up and if possible go for a skate. Welcome to the IVY community!


Email: steve@ivylongboards.com

Instagram: @steveweigel