IVY Longboards

IVY Longboards are handcrafted to perfection using only premium components and will have you standing out  in any crowd.  

Available in different designs and shapes, you'll be sure to find the board that fits your lifestyle.

The Chicago Series

The Whaler Series

The Tan & Turquoise

I LOVE this board. This is my second longboard I have owned and is by far my favorite ever board I have ridden. I want to cover three of my favorite things about this board: the size, the quality, and the personality. 


This product is amazing. I'm not a professional long-boarder or anything but I needed a good board to get to work in the city and this one is perfect. Smooth like butter. Takes those city block turns like a pro. Fave purchase of 2019 hands down.


This was the first board i ever got and I’m HOOKED, I’m three boards in now and still love every single one- they’re great for beginners, ride super smooth and built to LAST - also great for these super crazy Chicago streets as well as the lakefront😍 love that each board is handcrafted- makes each one feel special and unique🤗


I LOVE this board! 😍 The design is beautiful, clean and built to last! Its been put through its paces in the welsh countryside and still going strong! The traveler is small enough that its easy to carry round and great for both city and rural cruising! Thanks guys!!


Such a beautiful board, love taking this around the lake. Super happy with the look, feel and ride of this board. Thanks IVY.


This board is hands-down the best board I've ever owned. The design is beautifully unique and everywhere I go, I get compliments on it and people want to know where I got it. It rides super smooth and is built to last! My board comes with me everywhere and I LOVE it. The Ivy Brand as a whole is incredible. Their mission is at the heart of everything they do and they create a space for people to belong!