Vol. 9

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One More Try With Everest - See how many attempts it takes for the homie Everest to stick this skate line at the Plymouth skatepark.  I've got the over/under at 5.  What do you think?

Watch the full video HERE

Fahrenheit 451 - There's a reason why pop music is the most popular music and there's a reason why the classic books are considered classic. I'm sure many of you were forced to read Ray Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451 as part of your high school curriculum and I'm sure many of you downloaded the Cliff Notes took the test and moved on.  But I'm here to tell you this is one of the most poetic books I have ever ready. 

Bradbury has the gift of seamlessly blending beautiful prose with a dystopian future that will paint images in your mind with every turn of the page.  

If I had to pick only one book to take with me on a desert island, this would be the one.  Do yourself a favor and read it again or for the first time.

Get the Book HERE

 "Eggshell" by  Runnner -No, that's not a typo, it's actually spelled Runnner.  This song has been the top of my July playlist and every time it comes on, I usually hit repeat.

If you're like me and love discovering undiscovered music and make them your own, then this is the song for you.  It mixes in a variety of instruments has a low-key beat and an all around smooth flow to it.  

I PROMISE you'll like it.

Just check out this lyric:
I'm keeping it close to the surface
But that's not really making it hurt less
Nothing to do but keep texting my therapist
So many half-assed attempt to get over it

Listen to the jam HERE