Vol. 8

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You Are Not an Island - It's super easy to feel alone at any given point in life.  Even when running a brand and speaking to a large audience, you can feel alone.

Listen to Steve's thoughts on times when he's felt alone and how he manages those feelings.

Watch the full video HERE

5 Days With IVY: The Nike SB RPM Backpack - A Pack So Nice, I Bought It Twice - I originally purchased the Nike SB RPM pack in camo about a year ago when I was finding my Peak Design Everyday pack too cumbersome (and at $289, pretty pricey too) continuously trying to affix my skateboard to it. Sure it had straps and stuff, but it wasn’t convenient enough for my liking, so I started my search for a new pack and settled on Nike.

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Vampire Weekend: Father of the Bride - Ok, historically Vampire Weekend has not been in my top artists to listen to, as a matter of fact, I don't think I've listened to one of their albums from start to finish.  That changed with Father of the Bride.  

I've been craving summer vibes as of late (obviously because it's summer) when I stumbled across the track "This Life" which just oozes summer.  So I ended up listening to the entire album and guess what?  I enjoyed it.

If you're a VW fan, I'm sure you already like it.  If you're not a fan, try this album on for size and give it a listen.

Listen to it all HERE