Vol. 4

Welcome to weekly IVY newsletter. 

Each week we'll be sharing with you a vlog, a blog and a playlist in one place so you can stay on top of all of IVY's content and much more to come.
IVY Adventures: IVY Goes Sailing - Last year we took 11 people sailing in the British Virgin Islands and it was the trip that sparked the idea for IVY Adventures.  Check out the video recap of that trip.

Watch the full video HERE

Am I Too Old for IVY Adventures? - One thing we hear all of the time when we talk about IVY Adventures is people saying "I'd love to go on one of these trips, but I'm too old."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Corey wrote a piece on the IVY Community and how it knows no race, religion, sexuality or age.

Read the full post HERE

IVY Goes Sailing 2018 - Every good party has the opportunity to become a great party with the right playlist.  This collection of songs will forever be associated with our sailing trip in 2018.  We're excited to start working on the 2019 Sailing playlist!

Listen to he jams HERE