Vol. 2

IVY Adventures: Colorado - IVY Community member and amazing film maker Rasmus Wardell flew all the way from Sweden to join the IVY crew on their adventure to the mountains of Colorado and put together a video recap of the entire trip.  You can tell by all the smiles, it was an amazing time!

Watch the full video HERE

Don't Get That Tattoo!....Or Do. - Steve and Corey just returned from a trip to Las Vegas.  They were in town for only a couple of hours when they both decided to get some new ink.  Brought back memories form this post about the significance, or lack there of, of getting a tattoo. 

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Bon Iver: Hey, Ma/U (Man Like) - For those that know me, they know that anytime anything Bon Iver/Justin Vernon comes out, I'm on it like white on rice.  So I was especially stoked when a couple of new Bon Iver tracks dropped the other day.   

Listen to he jams HERE