vol. 11

Welcome to weekly IVY newsletter. 

Each week we'll be sharing with you a vlog, a blog and a playlist in one place so you can stay on top of all of IVY's content and much more to come.
Climbing Pingora (with a 5 year old) - A few weeks ago Steve went on an epic adventure to the back country of Wyoming to a place called the wind rivers. He camped, hiked and climbed the famous Cirque of the Towers, and it was a blast! We Summitted the 12,000ft peak, Pingora with a 5 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. They are the youngest people in the world (to our knowledge) to climb this peak and they killed it. What a blast!!!

Watch the full video HERE

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry: by Neil deGrasse Tyson - I spend a lot of time reading on our recent trip to Tulum and fortunately when I needed a new book, the house we were staying in had a giant bookshelf to keep me going.

The second I saw deGrasse Tyson's latest book, I knew that was the one.  If you have any interest in the cosmos or even if you aren't, I definitely recommend this book.  

At 208 pages it's a quick read and will leave your brain spinning with prose such as this: "During our brief stay on planet Earth, we owe ourselves and our descendants the opportunity to explore - in part because it's fun to do.  But there's a far nobler reason.  The day our knowledge of the cosmos ceases to expand, we risk regressing to the childish view that the universe figuratively and literally revolves around us."

Preach, Neil.

Read more HERE

NIGHT TRAVELER - I'm always one to give credit where credit is due, so today I am ever grateful for Steve turning me on to NIGHT TRAVELER.  With a throwback to the 80's sounding like the love child of Richard Marx and Jon Secada (I know what you're thinking...get me out of here), but trust me on this one.  

If you're a fan of The War on Drugs, you'll definitely like NIGHT TRAVELER.  Grab your Garbage Pail Kids, Member's Only jacket and start off with the track Electric Love and let the music take you from there.

Listen to he jams HERE