vol. 10

Don't Get Salty - Steve talks about a recent experience where he had the opportunity to share a life lesson with a 5 year old about encouragement and the importance of being pushed by those that love you.

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The Importance of Being Authentic: By Alexander Martin - What is the best weapon to fight against shame? Authentic connection. The simple yet powerful relationship between two or more people being real and honest with one another. When we open up to someone else, and do our very best to let go of that shame with another person, that connection builds us up, it empowers us, and helps lead us to become more authentic people. 

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Chance the Rapper: The Big Day - Ok Chance.  I'm pretty sure I just said you put out the soundtrack to my summer with "Acid Rap" a couple of weeks ago, then you go ahead and drop another banger with "The Big Day."  What?!?

This is Chance's first actual album that's for sale versus just available online, and it's definitely worth the purchase...or the stream if you are so inclined. 

My favorite song is "All Day Long" which also happens to be the first song on the album, but please don't stop there...listen start to finish, you will not be disappointed.

Listen to he jams HERE