"You Belong"

There's something we've started saying at IVY. We talk about it, write it, added it to every shirt we sell... "You Belong" is honestly something that's just as much directed towards myself as much as it is everyone else. Most people think that because I own this company that's all about community and bringing people together, that I'm super outgoing and extroverted, but I'm not! Like so many people, I've struggled to know where I belong and see where I fit in. I definitely tend to isolate, and it's IVY that forces me out of those habits! This brand inspires me the same way it inspires others. That isn't different just because I'm the owner. It's so cool that the way IVY is impacting other people is exactly the way it's impacting me.


"I think that more than people want money or fame or power,

people just want to belong - to have a sense of identity.

I hope that you find IVY to be a place to belong.

Welcome to your community."


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