Why "Lifestyle, Community, Longboards"?

Going back to 2016 when we launched our website and first line of merchandise we used the tag "Lifestyle, Community, Longboards" but what does that really mean?  We've used these three words to describe IVY many times since that first launch, so I wanted to share with you the ideas and thoughts behind those words.


The lifestyle is one of intentionality. Our boards aren’t made in a shop in China. They’re made right here in Minnesota with MY very own hands. Every single one. That is intentional. Sure we could make a lot more money doing it a different way, but I don’t want to. I want people to be able to see, to feel, to experience, the intentionality that is in IVY. 
The lifestyle is one of Adventure. If IVY is anything, I hope that it’s adventurous! I hope that IVY inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown! Whether that’s hanging with a new group of people, traveling across the world or trying a new sport (like longboarding :) I hope that you feel inspired and encouraged to live adventurously. 
The lifestyle is one of generosity.
The lifestyle is one of individualism. 
I really believe that what you put out into the world is what you attract. And if that is true then the IVY Lifestyle is one of intentionality, adventure, risk and hope.  


It’s about people. Always has been, always will be. 
I promise you that I don’t say this lightly. If it wasn’t for the people, I would not be doing what I am doing with IVY. To be completely transparent, I have lived the last two years on nearly nothing trying to build this brand. I would do it over and over again to build the community and the relationships that I have built through people. I can’t tell you how important they are to me. 
“You Belong”
This isn’t some marketing ploy I made up to sell boards. This is my story. 
I always say that IVY is just an extension of me and my heart for people, adventure and belonging. As the community grows, that becomes less true, because IVY is no longer just an extension of me, it’s an extension of US. IVY is an extension of Paul and his heart for fostering Joy in his life. IVY is an extension of Nicki and her heart for art and creativity. IVY is an extension of Johnnie and hear heart for helping people achieve their goals. I love that IVY has grown so far beyond myself. IVY is US. 
I don’t ever just want to connect people to myself, I want to connect people to each other. I think that’s a really important part of the IVY community. It’s like if you meet someone in the Atlanta airport and they’re wearing a IVY shirt, you know that they are good and they are safe. You know that they live by a certain set of values. You are not alone, you are a part of a community that reaches further than we can on our own. This is something that’s bigger than us, and THAT is exciting and that is worth it. 


It’s funny because I am always tempted to run a campaign titled “IVY is not a longboard company!” We are, obviously, however I didn’t start this brand to build boards. I started this brand to build a community, to connect with people, to shape a culture of belonging and do all the things mentioned in the previous copy. 
All that being said, I don’t do anything half ass. I have worked SO hard to create a beautiful piece of art that is very quality and personable, yet very functional. I aim to be a master of my craft, and I hope that comes through with every single board I build. IVY Longboards aren’t for everyone. But they are for the explorer. They are for the inspired. They are for the seeker and the freethinker and the curious. If you’re reading this and a lot of it resonates with you, there’s a really good chance that IVY Longboards is for you. 

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