Why IVY exists, things that make me happy, spring launch, and things....

I've never felt so confident about a launch. We aren’t even launching THAT much stuff…a few shirts, some accessories, only one longboard. I mean they’re all really killer, but I think I’m so confident because for the first time we are launching and offering something that is much more valuable that an inanimate object.

Even though our inanimate objects are hand-crafted and beautiful, they’re still just an item for you to purchase, ride and appreciate. It has always been my goal to offer more than just a product - I want to offer an experience.  I want IVY to be a community, a feeling…a family.

We are always looking for ways to create community, inspire adventure and shape a culture of belonging. 

 That is why we created IVY Adventures!

Yes. We are doubling down on this whole community thing. Why? Because we believe that good community will literally change your life - it did mine. When you are surrounded by good and encouraging people, it changes your life. I truly believe that. 

Good community has changed my life. IVY has genuinely given me a place to belong. This brand has created the space for me to connect with people from all over the world and now, for the first time, I am able to create that same opportunity for them. 

IVY Adventures is the newest extension of IVY, and our favorite way to interact with this community. It's all about bringing good people together in unbelievable places to have incredible experiences. 

Check out IVY Adventures and be on the lookout for a new trip announcement coming next week!

IVY SPRING 4-16-2019


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