theIVYbrand and the purpose of IVY Adventures


If I had to summarize the entire purpose of theIVYbrand in one word, it would be connection. We want to connect with you, we want to connect people to each other.  We want to build a community of people who all believe the same thing. 

You Belong.


We're always looking for more ways to connect. 


IVY Adventures was created for that purpose. We wanted to create a way to INVITE people into this community. Bringing people on adventures, and exposing them to other like minded people outside of their every day life seemed like the very best way to do that! 

So we are putting our money where our mouth is and we have an epic lineup of adventures planned out in 2019 and so on. Check them out:

Tulum, Mexico:

June 30-July 6th we are taking 12 people to Tulum. I'm excited for this trip for a few reasons:

  • The group of people who are going so far are freaking epic. 
  • We're going out of country. 
  • We're exploring Mayan Ruins.
  • We rented a mansion.
  • Going swimming in Cenotes. 

People can make or break a trip. The people who come on IVY trips, make it. Every single time. We aren't marketing these trips to random college bros who are trying to get wasted every night. We're marketing these trips to this community who, are amazing and likeminded folks that eventually become like family. 

I love going out of country. Going out of the country is an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experience other cultures. Language, food, driving etiquette - I'm here for it all! 

I'm not even kidding, we rented a mansion on the beach! It looks like it could have been a mansion that was previously lived in by a Mexican drug lord. I'm freaking stoked. 

I would love to invite you on this trip, but unfortunately, it's full. I just wanted to give you an idea of the kinds of trips we want to take people on. 

North Shore, Minnesota

There's something really special about the North Shore right here in Minnesota. For one, it's our home state. On top of that, the North Shore is a really special place. We are going to be spending a few days camping at a cabin and will be taking day trips to surrounding areas to hike and explore. I'm super excited about this trip, because it's the most accessible trip we have. It's not much more than the price of a longboard. But if you find yourself not being able to swing it, just let me (Steve) know and I'll help you out. If you are in need good people around you, we'll make it happen, no matter what. I want this to be an incredible time of community and relationship building. Here are some of the highlights of this trip:

  • Sleeping under the stars
  • Hammocking
  • Hiking + Exploring
  • Ice cold Lake Superior dips
  • Bon fires every night
  • Friends that feel like family by the time you leave :-)

This trip still has some spots left! Book yours HERE!

 Sailing the BVI!

Last November we took 11 people sailing in the British Virgin Islands on a 50' catamaran. You can see the video HERE. Sailing is something not many people in this generation have the chance to do. It's a bit of an old mans sport. So many people I know want to sail but don't know how, don't have access to a sailboat, no contacts to someone with a sailboat, or don't know where to look. Last November we sailed, snorkeled, hiked, cooked amazing food, explored islands and under water caves, and had the most unforgettable trip I've ever personally been on. We wanted to create a trip that was Once In A Lifetime. Don't take my word for it, check out the video. 

We're doing that sailing trip again this year, and it'll be sometime around the end of October. I would love if you could join us. Keep an eye out, we're going to open that trip up SOON. 


Chiang Mai, Thailand:

That's right, we're taking you on a trip across the world. This will be a M.A.D. (Make A Difference) trip with the purpose of making positive change and giving back. I always want to be creating opportunity for people to play a part in these kinds of things. What I have gotten out of helping others is so much more than I can imagine. I believe in the absolute best in people, and I think that most people are genuinely good and want to help others. January 2020, you will have the chance to travel across the world, experience the most beautiful culture, help people less fortunate, and see the place I called home for 9 months back in 2015. We will be announcing more details for this trip soon! Be on the look out!




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