Seasons Are Changing and So Are We

Most of the time we are having so much fun, we forget we're working. As the business builds, so do responsibilities.  As of yesterday, IVY has been launched for 6 months. In that time we have had opportunity and growth beyond anything we imagined. That nature of IVY is community and people. That in mind, everything we do and accomplish is to serve the purpose of encouraging, inspiring and loving people. This is something Corey and I talk about literally every single time we are together. So even some "opportunities" that come up and don't serve that purpose, we happily pass on. 

We have some crazy opportunities coming our way and sometimes it's hard to know what purpose they will serve. 

Be thinking of us as we make some really important decisions in the coming weeks and months. 

Seasons are changing and so are we - And it is so so good. 

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