IVY Community,


I’ve made a few videos in my day and they’re alright. They get the job done. I’ve captured love and moments at weddings, I’ve filmed my own travels, I’ve even been able to go sailing and shoot a few promo videos for charter companies in California and British Virgin Islands - but this is entirely different. It's hard to explain, but so much of what I want is wrapped up in this project, and projects like it. It's all funneled thru my company which I'm obviously very passionate about. I've never been in a more beautiful setting and I've never been able to hear someones story more clearly. Traveling to Iceland and seeing things I've dreamt of, while being able to capture the beauty of landscape and people was all I could ever wish for. I have a passion to know people, to connect them to other incredible people, to hear their stories and to see this world that we're so blessed to live in. This is such a great start and an incredible addition to our IVY + videos!

This is the dream and I am honored to share it with you. I have put so much of my heart into this video, and so much of Brandon's heart is shown here as well. I hope you take the time to check out this video and are as inspired as I was making it. Cheers, friends :)



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