Keep Trying Skateboards

IVY doesn’t do anything unless we are saying something.

Keep Trying is something that I would say to anyone struggling, but especially a skater! Keep Trying is our encouragement to you, but also our internal reminder that we always have another try in us! I can’t tell you how many challenges that come along with running a business. The cool thing is that it's you, our audience, that keeps us going! We know we're not in this alone, and you all prove that time and time again. The shut down proved that! It was never intended to be a permanent shut down, but I was definitely drained, overwhelmed and for sure in over my head. The amount of messages I got were all I needed to find the courage to Keep Trying. I hope you all realize the massive part you play in this brand. This is not my brand, or Corey's brand - This is OUR brand. 

This is what brought us to launching a series of Keep Trying skateboards. It’s cool that we get to produce and launch a skateboard. It’s even cooler that we get to say something through something as simple as a skateboard. Stoked to be a brand that is making a positive influence on the world. Thanks for helping us along <3



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