I have some really amazing and inspiring friends. A few months ago my friend BC launched a project called The Traveling Good. He launched a kickstarter to raise some money and once it got funded packed a bunch of friends in an RV to start a 3 month journey around the USA! The goal was simple: Throw events in every city they could reach and bring awareness and celebration to the good happening in that city. Along the way they also wanted to do random acts of kindness. For this they needed a bit more money, so they started asking for sponsors to provide products that they could raffle off.

This is where IVY came in. BC asked if I could sponsor them with some boards. Honestly, we are not the size of company that can just sponsor a cause with a bunch of boards, but that is soooo my heart. I am always giving away boards because it is FUN (and one of my favorite perks of owning a longboard company)! I decided I wasn’t going to keep this from at least trying to sponsor this amazing cause. I asked YOU, our audience if anyone would be interested in sponsoring some boards so that we could support this mission to travel around the country bringing love, encouragement and celebration to bring visibility to the good that is happening everywhere. The world needs more of this. I know there are so many people that love and support IVY, but aren’t necessarily trying to jump on a board, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. YOU responded and together we were able to sponsor The Traveling Good with 10 IVY boards that they will be using to do good and make impact all over the US!! I don’t know about you, but that gets me STOKED!!

This weekend I flew down south to bring them some of the boards and attend their event in Nashville. I cannot believe how moving it was to see a bunch of guys passionately following their hearts and chasing their dreams. The best part is their dreams are to support, love and encourage others. Sound familiar?? That's the heart of IVY. I love that we were able to be a small part of their journey. 

Be on the lookout for much more of this. Who says a longboard company can’t change the world?? We can and we are!! Thanks for being such an amazing community of movers and shakers, we couldn’t do this without you! Love you all a lot!


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