At IVY we want to make sure that we’re never just TALKING about community but not actually doing anything to bring people together! It's easy to get overwhelmed by business, decisions, sales, marketing, branding and all the other things that are on my mind constantly while trying to build this brand, but when it comes down to it, what I want is so simple. The mission of IVY is to bring people together to love and encourage one another. 

IVY isn’t a massive company but the impact we can make by bringing the #ivycommunity together is huge! Every time we do an event like this lifelong friendships are made, people are encouraged, people feel loved, and we honestly probably benefit most from this. Incredible thankful for the way that IVY is not only impacting people all over the world, but for the way it's impacting me. Grateful for this family :-)


Here's a few photos from a skate meet up we did a few weeks ago here in Minneapolis!






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