IVY Is Shutting Down: Explained

IVY Longboards IS shutting down in July, but it is only temporary. 
Let me explain.
Here’s the deal: We are a very small team. I am still personally crafting every single board order from start to finish. Not only that, but I’m also creating content and running social media. I answer every comment, DM and email personally because that interaction with the IVY community is really important to me. I'm trying to grow our reach and find ways to make impact in the world, like the IVY M.A.D. program. I package every single board, write your name on it with my sharpie and drive the it to Fedex for it to be shipped. I love all these things, but they take time.
Corey and I are both swamped with everything it takes to grow IVY and we love every minute of it. We're always brainstorming ways to continue to grow this amazing brand in new ways and it blows us away and blesses us every single day to see the positive response and feedback we get from all of you.
Last week on Instagram stories, I mentioned maybe moving to a more manufactured board at some point, and I was met with a resounding "NO". That still might happen one day, but for now, we are continuing to focus on the high quality handmade longboards that IVY is known for.
Because of the amount of orders lately and the success of the M.A.D. program you guys are forcing us to get better and stronger as a company and we thank you for that. The demand for IVY longboards is forcing us to get our stuff together so we can continue to scale while still making a beautiful handmade product. How cool is that??
Guys to be honest, more than anything, I want my heart for this brand and this community to come first. Before money, before sales, before any kind of growth, I want to my vision and my focus to be PEOPLE. I think taking a step back will give me new vision, clearer ideas and excitement to make this brand more special than every before. I know it’s possible because of the community that’s come around IVY. There is no end to what we could be and the impact we could make in culture and in the world. 
We know how unideal it is for customers (and probably a little crazy, right?) to shut down a longboard company in the middle of summer so we want to offer everyone a chance to get their board this week at 20% off. 
If you've had your eye on one of our boards, use discount code IVYISSHUTTINGDOWN20 and receive 20% of checkout.
Thank you so much for the kindness & grace, love you guys a lot.
-Steve Weigel


  • Steve Weigel


    You are the best ever. Thanks for the love and encouragement! <3

  • Amber Lachelt

    Anyone who knows you and what you stand for will support this temporary hiatus. I am excited to see what IVY comes up with next, knowing you it’ll be amazing. Praying for ideas, and visions galore 😘

  • Steve Weigel


    Dude, definitely!! Shoot me an email and we’ll make it happen! steve@ivylongboards.com

  • Steve Weigel

    Brett, thank you so much man. Two weeks will go by fast and we’ll be back online, but I’m hoping for lots of vision in the “off” time.

  • Brett

    All love & support for you & the company my friend! I can’t wait to see what the next season brings you guys

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