IVY Goes West Vlog // Part 1

Hello friends,

I know it's been a while and we don't have any great excuses ( OTHER THAN THAT WE JUST MOVED INTO OUR STUDIO, HAVE BEEN BUILDING OUT THE ENTIRE THING OURSELVES, TRAVELED ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND HAVE BEEN WORKING ON NEW DESIGNS NO BIG DEAL) but we are going to be better about posting on the blog weekly! :)

Earlier this month we took IVY on a trip to California and did a road trip up the PCH with some of our good friends. We dubbed this trip IVY GOES WEST! Here is part 1 of my VLOG style video. Part 2 will come out next week and something after that, the official IVY GOES WEST film will be coming out so definitely keep an eye out for that. 

Can't wait for the next IVY trip. What a freaking dream.

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