Everyone has that trip. That bucket list trip you’ve wanted to take for years but the perfect opportunity never quite came up. For me it’s been a surf/skate trip up the coast of California via the PCH highway. Never in a million years did I dream I’d be doing the trip with my brand, and bringing along some of the best people ever.

The way I see it, and something I’m constantly coming back to is the thought that We’re Better Together. Life is too good and too rich to experience alone and when you bring the right people into your life, it’s a complete game changer. The IVY GOES WEST crew was the dream team and I’d do it a million times over with them. IVY is about community and the direction I want to take this brand solidifies that time and time again. Massive thanks to the incredible people who make this community what it is. (That’s you)

This video is just a small look into what goes on during a IVY trip.
Driving a jeep up a mountain, camping in a tree on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, Venice skate park, unbelievable views, enough smiles to make anyones cheeks hurt and an undeniable sense of adventure. May every trip be as good, or better than this one.



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