It's finally here! I've been planning this trip in my head since before I moved back to the states. I remember being in Thailand and dreaming up different ideas for this trip and lists of people I could invite. The problem was that I couldn't narrow down the list to a reasonable number of people, and then I thought to myself - Why try??

 I've decided to open this trip up to anyone who wants to come. July 9th we will be leaving Los Angeles and driving up the PCH to San Francisco. We'll be taking about 4 or 5 days to get up the coast and then a day to drive back down to LA. We'll be surfing, skating, having bon fires on the beach and camping out along the way. If you want to tag along for a day or two or the whole trip, you're more than welcome! To meet up with us along the way, send me an email at Steve@ivylongboards.com. I'll be super happy to shoot you the details!

 I want this to be a trip where lifelong friendships are made, people are connected with likeminded individuals, and good times are had. I want people to come on this trip and leave feeling encouraged and with new passion for the desires inside them. More than anything I just want people to feel like they belong, because you do. Something I'm constantly reminding myself to do is Relate To Everybody, and that's what this trip is all about. Let's make friends out of complete strangers. Let's encourage and build one another up. Let's have one hell of a good time rambling our way up the California coast. Come along, YOU'RE INVITED.

 -Steve Weigel

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