IVY Boards Aren't for Everyone

Our boards aren’t for everyone. You can't win 'em all. We get that and actually, we prefer it that way.
We get asked all the time "who's your 'target market'?" and to be honest, we hate that question.  We think, when it comes to longboarding and the lifestyle that we foster with IVY, that we're creating our own market. However we have made a list of attributes that we find cross the segments of  the people that do buy our boards, because when you buy from IVY, you’re making a statement not only about the way you live your life, but about what is important to you.
You’re really buying into something and aligning your values with us and who we are. We like that. We know that no matter what, we want to be saying something through this brand. 
IVY boards are for the people who care about people.
IVY boards are for the people that care about quality.
IVY boards are for the people who care about individualism.
IVY boards are for the people that want to be inspired by the brands they’re buying from.
IVY boards are for the people who see the future and believe and agree that there is a new way for businesses to operate.  That it's ok to put people over profits.  That greed and chasing after each and every dollar is the old way and that together we can blaze our own path and change the relationship between business and customers.
Handmade IVY Longboards
All of our boards are hand made, therefore they are all a tiny bit different, much like you.  It's those differences that set you apart from everyone else and it's what sets IVY boards apart from all the others.
IVY boards aren't for everyone, but if you feel the same way that we do, that there's positive changes coming, then they are for you.
Handmade IVY Longboards


  • Steve Weigel

    Bro, so sick!! Can’t wait to send you a board!


    Good stuff – You sold me, your board will be my next board.

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