What’s up friends, happy happy 2019!! I am believing that 2019 is going to be an AMAZING year, not just for IVY, but for anyone that follows and lives out the core values of IVY, which is bringing people together, creating community, shaping a culture of belonging, and taking WILD adventures!! We invite you to take part of all these values with us. Not only in this amazing community, but in the communities all around you! You literally have the ability to shape the culture around you, and I want to encourage you to do so! 

Ever since IVY began, we have always attracted people far beyond longboards. In my heart, I wanted to reach far beyond longboards. Because the core values of IVY reach far beyond skating, we have attracted passionate, likeminded people, but that didn’t mean that all of them long boarded or were even interested in skating. I’ve come across so many people who were buying boards just to hang in their living room as ART, because they wanted to engage with the brand in some way. I’ve always wanted to create more ways for people to engage with and interact with our brand, but in the midst of running a business, it’s easy to become one track minded, and see your goals become a bit limiting. It’s wasn’t until earlier this year that I realized one massively important thing:

Selling a TON of boards doesn’t actually further the mission and vision of IVY. It actually takes away from it. 

 If you remember, in July, we shut IVY down for two weeks. It wasn’t because IVY was doing poorly, it was actually because we were selling so many boards that I could not keep up. I am not willing to compromise the integrity and craftsmanship of the longboards I build, so manufacturing was out of the question. I was so busy, I didn’t have the time to do the things that ACTUALLY mattered to me - People, community, belonging and adventure. This was a huge problem for me because I realized that we can not ONLY be a longboard company. There had to be more, I just wasn’t sure what that "more" was. I am a person who is driven by purpose and impact, so it didn’t matter to me that we were selling a ton of boards and making money. I wasn’t operating out of PURPOSE and having the outcome of IMPACT. I was simply building boards and shipping them out. That’s all I had time to do. Something had to change.  

In November we decided to try something new for IVY. We took 11 people sailing in the Caribbean on IVY GOES SAILING. The impact that was made on this trip was more than we could have ever imagined. People were present, and fully engaged with the moment and each other. Lifelong friendships were made. Conversations that still impact me were had. THIS was the purpose and impact I was looking for. Not to mention we were sailing a 48’ Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands for a week!! Can you say ADVENTURE?! This was it. When we got home, Corey and I met up, and basically had the exact same thought: We NEED to make this a big part of what IVY is doing in 2019 and beyond. There was only a month left in the year, so we had to work fast, but as of today, we are happy to announce:


IVY ADVENTURES: is about bringing good people together in unbelievable places to have incredible experiences.

We are launching 4 Adventures this year, and want YOU to come along! Each adventure will be a healthy mix of community building, incredible conversations, wild adventure, and a feeling that will send you home feeling on top of the world. These trips are meant to active and propel people into their true potential. I want people to leave feeling loved, inspired, encourage, and motivated to make their lives and the lives around them BETTER. 

Please join us on one (or two) of the IVY Adventures this year. I am so stoked to meet you. 


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