Guest Journalist: Kelsey Smith - Start Saying "yes" and How I Met Steve Weigel

Do you ever sit across from a friend and think about how you met? There are some crazy stories out there, including the one I’m about to tell you.

In the summer of 2011, I found myself in Minnesota for Sonshine music festival. (Side note: I just had to go through my Facebook albums to see what year this all took place.) My friend had introduced me to a band, Hyland, and we ended up briefly meeting the drummer and taking a picture with him.

Now let’s fast forward to that fall when I am in East Texas for a concert. I am at Hyland’s merch table and their drummer Steve is behind the table. Almost immediately he says “hey, haven’t we met before?!” I then had to explain that I was in Minnesota for Sonshine but that I live in Texas. Out of ALL the faces he meets playing shows, how did he remember mine?! Especially since the first time we met was for 60 seconds in Minnesota and now we were in Texas.

Life is funny like that. The fall of 2011 was the beginning of my friendship with the Hyland guys. Just about every time they played in Texas, I was there. My best friend made bow ties for Steve to wear since bow ties were a part of his stage outfit! I was the supplier of coffee and the person with a car who would take us all out to eat after shows.

Now let’s fast forward to today. Hyland is no longer a band, I live in Nashville and tour in the music industry, and Steve is chasing a new dream with all things IVY. It has been incredible to see Steve’s journey over the past 8 years. In some ways, it’s weird that he isn’t a drummer anymore. But more so, it’s incredibly to see him chasing after the path God has him on. How many people do you know that built and lived in a tiny house? Or who moved to Thailand to fight sex trafficking? Or lived on a sailboat hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the comforts of home? Steve loves others and loves them hard.

Recently on a tour I was working, one of the band guys was wearing an IVY shirt. We got to talking about Steve, and he said that Steve was the most like Bob Goff out of anyone he had ever met, and it’s so true! And that feels like the best way to end this blog…Steve Weigel could very well be our generations Bob Goff. Let’s all take a page from his book.

I love the way life works. I think my friendship with Steve is proof of that. It’s also proof that we have NO idea what God has in store for us. When Steve was a drummer in a band, I don’t think he imagined that he would one day be making skateboards, working for a media company, and traveling the world. I certainly didn’t imagine myself living in Nashville and touring for a living…it was a dream that I wasn’t sure would actually happen.

What would happen if you stepped out of your comfort zone? What would happen if you started saying YES? The steps don’t have to be massive like moving to a different state or selling all your belongings. Maybe it’s as simple as joining a small group, signing up for a mission trip, or reading your Bible more. Don’t compare your journey and your steps of following God and saying yes to anyone else. You are your own unique person on your own unique path.

My ending up in Nashville started as saying a simple yes in 2012, but I didn’t move to Nashville until 4 years later. It took a few years of meeting people, making connections, and saying small yeses before my dream became a reality. Be diligent, keep praying, and don’t give up if your timeline doesn’t match up with God’s.

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