Board Giveaway Surprise!!

This weekend we got to express a random act of kindness, and it reminded us once again why we love what we get to do so much! 

A few weeks ago I got tagged in a post about a girl who’d had her longboard stolen. She was heart broken and her mom had posted to see if anyone had spotted her longboard around town at all. We happened to have a mutual friend who shared the story with me and asked if I could help! I said “YES” and got the chance to build and surprise Lauren with a custom IVY board!


From the very beginning of IVY my heart and mission was to change the world. My vision has always been to make positive change everywhere we go! Through building community, shaping a culture of belonging, or donating to a cause every chance we get. As a brand, my hope is that we can leave the world a better place than we found it. 


One of my favorite parts about owning a longboard company is being able to give them away. It's kind of a running joke now that I never have my own board because I am always giving them away! AND I LOVE THAT. It's never out of the need for a good news story, or gaining any kind of recognition. Oftentimes it happens to be my Uber driver or someone I meet on the street. IVY has been a common ground between me and so many strangers that I have become friends with. It has always been about more than just longboards; they just happen to be the catalyst in creating a community and brand that recognizes that it's always been about people.


So when I got tagged in that Facebook comment, not only was I stoked to get to create a board that Lauren would really love, but something that would encourage the same message in her own life and the people she comes into contact with everyday. 

It's not about the longboard-it's about people. 


If you want to see Lauren's reaction when we surprised her with the board, check out our Youtube video!


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