Hello friends,

I wanted to take a second to say a quick thank you to everyone who bought over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. It's an incredible thing to have the opportunity to build and sell a product and make an impact around the world, but when you belong to a community that gets on board with the issues in the world today and the things you care about, that's a whole other thing!

I am leading a trip to Thailand in January. My team and I will be working with organizations that are fighting child sex trafficking. We'll be doing practical projects in these communities that will leave long lasting impact. Over this entire weekend, we took 5% of IVY sales and put it towards this trip. We had a ton of orders come in, which is great. As much as I wish it wasn't so, we actually need sales to stay in business!! However, what I loved so much was that almost every person that ordered, also hit me up and was so excited that they were playing a part in contributing to a bigger cause. There was a bigger purpose than just buying a product! 

I’ve always had a pretty bad taste in my mouth over Black Friday weekend, but I don’t think it has to be that way. We can take a negative and make it a positive, and that’s what the IVY community did this weekend! The excitement around having a bigger purpose humbled, motivated and encouraged me. I have even more passion and more drive to make sure that throughout my whole live, and as long as IVY is around, I will be creating opportunity for myself and for the IVY community to make impact both in our cities and all over the world. Thank you for not only allowing me to have that dream, but chasing after it with me. I am incredibly blessed and thankful to have you all with me. I am so freaking proud of this community. Thank you!


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