A Love Letter of Sorts

Hello friends! Recently we low-key dropped some BIG news on instagram (if you aren't already, here is your invite to follow us).  IVY is changing the way we sell longboards starting 2020! We will no longer have our current signature line available on the website after December 31, 2019. We will ALWAYS sell longboards in some capacity but the times are a changin'. Here's a hint to what we have in the works: custom + limited board drops!!!!!

I wanted to share a bit more context as to why we’re scaling back on the longboard side of IVY. You guys have stuck with me so long and you are family, so I want to explain more.

Since the very beginning, every single IVY board that has been built, has been built by me, Steve Weigel (hi). Hand-crafting boards has connected me to people from all over the world and that is unreal. The first two years that I built longboards, I didn’t even have a website or a logo. All I had was an Instagram and an email address. People would literally email me to get a board, and EVERY board was completely custom! I made hundreds of boards that way - emailing back and forth, getting to know every person so I could make their board special for them. Not necessarily sustainable or scalable, but that’s why I liked it. It was a genuine idea and effort to connect with people.

In 2016 we launched a website with apparel, signature boards and yes, even a logo! This was great because it allowed me to build more boards for more people! The past few years have been insane and an absolute dream. We have sold a LOAD of boards and shirts, connected with thousands of people and traveled all over the world. Every time we travel something amazing happens. We had the opportunity to meet some of the IVY Community in person, and not just over the internet. I love it every time. 

I always knew IVY was more than just a longboard company. My heart to build community and shape a culture of belonging felt incomplete only building and selling longboards. I wanted to express that heart in a new way and bring people together to meet, love, encourage, inspire each other and build long lasting relationships. 

When we took a group of people sailing one year ago on the very first unofficial IVY Adventures, I knew that was it. I saw my heart for this brand and community expressed at the highest level. I couldn’t not activate this dream in my heart.

    IVY started with longboards and we will always have a heart for the skateboard and longboard community. Sometime I’ve become more and more aware of is that I’m a MAKER more than I am a LONGBOARDER. I love to make things and create something valuable. If I’m being honest, I care more about creating community and relationships than I care about creating longboards. So that’s what I’m going to do and the thing I want to focus on. I have also never been more committed to make longboards, and continue to do it by hand. That’s why we’re scaling back a bit and releasing limited run, custom boards. So I can put more time and attention on the boards I do make. Not only that but we want our boards to represent our vision; it was never about longboards, it's always been about people. So really, we want the boards we make to represent YOU.

    I can’t pretend I know where all of this is going - I’m just following my heart - but I know that leads somewhere good. Somewhere full of friends, community and love. Can’t wait to meet you all on an IVY Adventure sometime soon! Let’s explore this beautiful world and do it in a way that we go home inspired, changed and full of love. Thank you for sticking with us, we are beyond grateful for your constant love and support. I love you guys a lot.

    – Steve


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