It's 6:45pm on Monday night and I'm sitting in the Minneapolis airport waiting for my flight. I just made the questionable decision to eat Arby's. Once in a great while Arby's gets it right. Tonight was not one of those times. In any case, I'm stoked out of my mind as I'll be flying through the night and landing in ICELAND tomorrow! It's been a dream of mine to visit Iceland for years now and I'm finally getting to do it! Not only am I doing it, but I'm doing it because of IVY - a job and opportunity I created!

Create the kind of life you want to live, right? I genuinely believe that anything we can dream up in our wildest imagination is within our reach. Maybe not today or even tomorrow but I think that your dreams, goals and desires are not only valid, but entirely possible!

I'm going to Iceland to meet up with my good friend Brandon Eckroth to create the next IVY + video. Brandon is an incredible photographer, young entrepreneur and all around great guy. I've gotten to know him over the last couple months and I gotta say, I am so excited to travel and adventure with him. Shoot photos, learn and just get to know him better. We're going to be shooting tons of content and he's going to be sharing some of his thoughts on life with the IVY Community.

Not only that but we're going to be giving away a longboard on his Instagram so be sure to follow him!


Can't wait to see what we'll get into together while traveling! Follow us on snapchat to keep up with all the shenanigans!


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  • Your boo

    Hi! I am SOOOOOO happy you’re living your dreams my love! JUUUSSSST KILLLIN it! ?

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