Findlay Hats: Get to Know Em

Findlay Hats is a small brand based out of Portland, Oregon. It’s run by about four humans and two dogs. I first met founder and human, Jimmy Findlay Hickey, about two years ago while he was passing through Minneapolis. I was lucky enough to hear in person how Findlay Hats began. Jimmy honestly tells the story best and I wish you could hear it from his mouth, but the story basically goes back to when he lost his favorite hat as a kid while on a rafting trip. This devastated him so much that on his next trip he took the strings from his shoes and cut them into his hat. This allowed him to tie the strings around his chin so that the hat would not fall off. That’s a pretty cool idea, especially for a young human! Jimmy kept wearing the hat for several more years and received compliment after compliment. Eventually, he decided to start making and selling them and from there Findlay Hats was born!
Each Findlay Hat has an embroidered graphic on the front and has Findlay’s patented lace technology above the bill. The laces are what really make Findlay Hats stand out. Not only do they look cool on top, but also allow you to tie your hat around your chin so that you don’t lose your hat while you’re out adventuring. Another cool feature of each Findlay Hat is that they have a stash pocket on the inside so that you can keep your Oreos safe from the elements!
Findlay Hats officially launched in 2013 and has been growing ever since. A majority of their work is done in house, LITERALLY out of a garage, and is handled with tender love and care from each of the Findlay employees (dogs included). We can get behind this company here at IVY Longboards because not only are their products awesome, but they are also out doing the same things that we like to do.  

We highly recommend that you go and check out Findlay Hats for yourself and purchase a few of their hats. They are great for any adventure, whether you are rafting down a river or cruising through the streets on your IVY Longboard.

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