5 Days With IVY - Researching The Most Epic Camera Backpacks for Travel

In my first blog, 5 Days With IVY - Researching The Best Travel Camera, I shared my research and insights into the best travel camera on the market today. Through a 5-day journey, I broke down and analyzed cameras from major companies such as Canon, GoPro, Panasonic, and Sony, and I did this all to not only help your own search but to help my own. As mentioned in my previous post, I will be traveling this summer back to the Middle East to learn, gain perspective, grow in my understanding, develop relationships, invest in what is already happening, and capture the good and bad to correctly display the hope that is found in the midst of it all. I have this passion to use media to honestly tell stories of what is happening around the world, and I hope to paint the picture in such a way that perspectives are shifted, action is taken, and hope is restored.
Continuing this series of 5 Days With IVY, I will continue my research around the best travel gear. If you’re a photographer, you understand that a camera bag is just as important as the equipment itself, as any photographer understands that things can quickly go wrong, and a well-built bag or backpack could mean the difference between a functioning system and a broken one. Therefore, in this next blog, I will be taking 5 days to research and analyze 5 different camera backpacks for travel, and afterwards, I will finish with my conclusion of the most epic camera backpack for travel on the market today!
We here at theIVYbrand want to bring you the best, newest, coolest, and most innovative gear for travel, and we truly believe in the products we promote. We hope you can trust us with all your travel needs!
As I begin this analysis, it’s important for you to know what I’m considering. Simply, I am looking at each bag’s weight capacity, compartments, access, comfort, warranty, extra features (such as being waterproof), and of course, price. To start, we will look at VINTA.co.
Day 1 - VINTA.co
Starting off day one, I decided to do a little more research on a brand and backpack that I’ve been following for a while. VINTA.co is a cool, innovative, and focused brand that builds backpacks and gear for the modern traveler. To put it simply, the company has focused on creating versatile and innovate backpacks that are not only functional but fashionable. Their most popular pack, The Modern Traveler Type II, starts at $259.00, and it’s extremely lightweight, has multiple compartments, and it’s completely waterproof. I’ve actually used this backpack several times while I’ve shot a few weddings with Harvest Film Co., and I was impressed with its design and comfort. In all, I would definitely recommend this backpack as it is probably one of the coolest packs on the market today, but I am not sure about its durability. It does, however, have a lifetime warranty. We will see after all 5 days how it holds up.
Day 2 - Brevite
On day 2, I looked at The Rolltop by Brevite, which honestly, was quite a surprise. I haven’t heard of Brevite before this 5-day journey, but it was started by 3 brothers in college, and they as a company have a desire to “inspire a greater quality of life through exploration and the pursuit of passion.” They continue and declare, “We do not have rigid boundaries. We are driven by the idea of building a lifestyle that integrates work, life, and passion.” Brevite has several different options such as The Rucksack and The Original, but The Rolltop seems to be the company’s newest and most innovative travel camera backpack with weather-resistant materials. It’s a durable backpack built to withstand the elements, with a built-in rain cover, tripod holders, quick access compartments, a laptop sleeve, and a lifetime warranty. Its volume is 25L and it has a weight of 3lbs with a total price of $185.00. It also has a removable modular insert that is durable, functional, and versatile, which is perfect for your camera and gear. I first found this bag on someone’s own review, and they thought it to be the best travel camera backpack, so it is definitely a solid bag. This bag does seem more durable than the Modern Traveler, but the style is quite different. In addition, after looking into some reviews, several people mentioned “Rain goes through the ‘water resistant’ material,” and “Quick access is for left-handed people and require to be opened twice: first the bag, second the removable insert,” so those reviews are good to keep in mind.
Day 3 - WANDRD
Now, I move on to Day 3, which has probably been the most anticipated day of this journey for me. In Day 3, I have evaluated THE PRVKE SERIES built by WANDRD, which is a bag that Kaleb Musser, a photographer and friend in Minneapolis, showed me about a year ago. WANDRD not only creates freaking cool bags, but it is also a brand that really aligns with our values here at theIVYbrand. The founders, Ryan, Spencer, and Austin Cope, write, We grew up traveling all over the world and both consider it to be the best education we, or anyone else, could ever receive, and we wanted to influence and enable others to do the same — to explore, and to live life in the moment. And that’s why we decided to name our company after the people our gear is designed for – the wandered.”
The PRVKE is has an innovative design made with high-quality materials that make it an incredible bag both for travel and for photography. It includes magnetic tote handles, an expandable roll top, quick draw side access, a removable camera cube, a water bottle/tripod pocket, and a rainfly & dedicated storage section. At first, I actually dislike roll top bags because of the inconvenience of unrolling the entire top to get to main contents of the pack, but both this bag and The Rolltop by Brevite have impressive innovations that get around that inconvenience. The PRVKE bag especially impressive quick access compartments, and it holds a completely removable cube.
This pack does come in two different sizes at 21L for $185.00 or 31L for $204.00, and it also has a travel bundle and a photography bundle available as well for an additional cost. Finally, WANDRD has a guarantee that if anything goes wrong with the product, they will take care of it. Their desire is for you to “wander more, worry less.” Truly, this pack seems to be the coolest, most durable, and innovative bag yet.
Day 4 - Lowepro
All three backpacks that have been reviewed so far have been very impressive, but another camera that I stumbled upon several times with the Protactic BP 250 AW. The name is a mouthful, and it’s a different style than previously analyzed, but it probably the most versatile yet compact pack evaluated. The pack is marketed towards pro photographers who need a rugged yet scaled-down, urban-inspired pack that delivers on all fronts: accessibility, versatility, comfort and organization.” Shockingly, the pack offers 4 different access points for mirrorless cameras, which is more than any other pack found. It also has a MOLLE-style strap system, which creates limitless set-ups with the exterior. There is much to love about this pack, but it was built with extreme precision and a desire to be as compact as possible, so it only fits an 11”” laptop, and there is not much room for anything else besides the camera gear. If you’re looking for a technical and compact pack to carry your gear, this seems like the perfect one, but if you’re truly looking to travel with a desire to carry more than just your camera and gear, this pack seems to limit your options. It also ranges around the same price as those above at $189.95.
Day 5 - Peak Design
The final camera backpack that we will look at is the Peak Design Everyday built by Peak Design. Peak Design is a company that is known for creating incredible camera gear, so I was not surprised to come across this pack often during my research. In fact, our very own Corey Bracken loves this pack, and he wrote a full review during his own 5-day journey, which you can find here. If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to read his blog, but in short, he loves this bag and writes, “So after about 10 minutes of research, I knew this bag was going to be worth the $260 price tag and the subject of this blog post. And I will save you the suspense, it did not disappoint.” Like the other bags mentioned, the Everyday Backpack was created with a focus on accessibility, expandability, and organization, and it has truly succeeded. It is comfortable, made with weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shells, extremely durable, and accessible. Every pack is unique, but I am continually surprised by the innovation of each pack and company.
Throughout this 5-day journey, I have been impressed by each pack with its innovation, versatility, and design. Each one is different and built with unique focuses, but honestly, I would be confident promoting each one of these bags. Coming into this, I thought the decision was going to be a bit clearer, but I would feel safe using each of these packs to protect and carry my gear; however, I think it comes down to how much space you need, what your budget is, and what design you like most. All of the packs range around the same price with the Everyday Pack by Peak Design being the highest at $260.00 for the 20L. The Protactic BP 250 AW by  Lowepro is extremely accessible, but it doesn’t fit much more than the camera gear, and it honestly isn’t as cool as the other packs looked at. The Rollsack by Brevite is a sweet pack, but I would choose the PRVKE by WANDRD over it because of the PRVKE’s design, space, and accessibility. I also love WANDRD’s brand, so that helps make the final decision. Finally, I think VINTA.co and WANDRD probably have the coolest looking packs; therefore, my top three packs from this 5-day journey are The Modern Traveler Type II by VINTA.co, THE PRVKE SERIES by WANDRD, and the Everyday Pack by Peak Design. All of these packs are incredible, but as I am looking to purchase my own pack in the upcoming months, I conclude that  the PRVKE by WANDRD is the most epic camera backpack for travel on the market today!
In the end, I hope these 5-Days With IVY have been informative and fun, and if you’re looking for a new camera backpack for travel, I hope this has helped you narrow down your search. In the end, I hope this has also inspired you to live your adventure.
Until next time,

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    Nice! These camera bags look cool. My pick for this list would be the LowerPro. I like its design and the things it can hold with those pockets. I prefer bags with minimal design on the outside.

  • Alexander Martin

    I just got a prvke 31 liter the other day and I already freaking love it! Great words man!

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