5 Days with IVY: Peak Design Everyday Backpack

If you’ve crossed my path anytime within the last 6 months, no doubt you’ve seen a Peak Design Everyday Backpack strapped to my back. I know I call this blog “5 Days with IVY” but this review will be a little more comprehensive, cause a great backpack is worth it’s weight in gold and is worth the extra time given to this review….trust me.

Ever since my Poler Classic Rucksack zipper broke, I’ve been searching for a new bag that I can carry all the gear I use on a daily basis. Which usually consists of some combination of the following items;

 If you were to peer into my closet you would see that it resembles the backpack version of “The Island of Misfit Toys” filled with bags from Herschel, Osprey, Swiss Gear and a bunch of one-off bags not even worth mentioning, that haven’t met my expectations and can’t comfortably fit all the shit I seem to need at a moments notice at any given time.

Enter stage left, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack. My search was intensifying and I was just about to pull the trigger on the GoRuck GR2 when my best bud Nate asked me if I’d ever heard of Peak Design. Of course I hadn’t, cause Nate is usually about 4-5 steps ahead of anyone else I know when it comes to what’s worth knowing about. So after about 10 minutes of research, I knew this bag was going to be worth the $260 price tag and the subject of this blog post. And I will save you the suspense, it did not disappoint.

The Week

Day 1 – Backpacks, like books, should never be judged by their covers, but right out of the gate, I was excited about the looks of this bag. The clean simple design is a much-needed reprieve from all the cliché bells, whistles, hooks, bright colors, pockets and overall gobbledygook that today’s manufactures feel inclined to incorporate into their designs.

So far, so good, Peak Designs.

Day 2 – Most days I work from home, but when I need to get out of the house and actually be around people, I tend to frequent local coffee shops to get my work done. When I venture out, I like to have everything with me that I may need for the day and I was easily able to fit all of my gear in this bag. It has adjustable interior compartments that make it easy to stack and store everything you may need without it banging into each other.

The laptop sleeve is easily big enough to stuff to 15 inch laptops with just a little room to spare, if you also need a tablet as well.

 There’s also a top zippered compartment to hold all of your valuables. I use this as my catch all for chargers, headphones and the miscellaneous stuff that I toss in there. Works pretty damn well for that.

Day 3 – Travel. Peak offers two sizes in the Everyday Backpack, a 20 and 30 liter. I was originally tempted to go with the 20L based on price, but wisely chose the 30. I was expecting it to be on the large size for everyday use, but was surprisingly happy with how compact if felt despite being 30L.

Earlier this summer I took a trip to LA and found this bag to be the perfect size for both carryon luggage and to bring along on day trips while exploring the city.  

 Later in the summer, I took a motorcycle trip around the Midwest and only brought what I could fit in this pack; change of clothes, some camera gear and a water bottle. After hours and hours on the road carrying this backpack, I found it was comfortable and did not rub or weigh me down in any way and also held up well to the elements.

 Day 4 – Daily Use. Did I mention it has adjustable interior compartments? I did? Cool. This is probably one of my favorite features of this bag. You have the ability to adjust 3 different compartments to whatever size you need and one of those compartments will easily fit a 6 pack of beer, in case you ever need to carry around a 6 pack of beer. Which on this occasion, I needed to carry a 6 pack of pear. Check.

 Day 5 - This bag has really become second nature to me when I leave the house. Like an added appendage that I never knew I needed, but now I couldn’t live without.

I throw my basketball gear in there when I’m headed to the courts. I throw my camera gear in there when I’m going to shoot around the city. I throw my skateboard on the back when I’m headed out to skate. My travel stuff when I’m hitting the road. Have I made my point yet? It is literally the Swiss Army knife of backpacks.

 Wrap Up – It’ obvious that Peak Design’s engineers spent a lot of real world time making this backpack the perfect “Everyday Pack.” I found myself saying, “I wish there was a strap here” only to find a strap hidden away in a pocket exactly where it should be.

Very few products I’ve owned have been one that I proactively recommend to friends and strangers alike, but the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is one of them.

 If it sounds like I’m Fanboy’ing over this pack, I will gladly accept that title. The only fault I’ve found so far is the overall durability of some of the materials used. I found that some of the seems have begun fraying a bit and that the pack material has snagged on the griptape from by skateboard, but I’ve literally used this pack daily and it’s still as functional today as the day I bought it, so you got to give credit for that.


  1. Style: 5 out of 5
  2. Functionality/Comfort: 5 out of 5
  3. Durability: 3.5 out of 5
  4. Cost: 3 out of 5 ($260 for the 30 liter) 
  5. Overall: 4.5 out of 5


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