5 Days with IVY: Nike SB Blazer Review

5 Days With IVY: Nike SB Blazer Low

The Nike SB Blazer Low comes from Nike’s line of skateboards shoes and has all the makings of a staple for any shoe lover. Simply classic in design, acceptably passable in comfort and an all around solid shoe whether you skate or just want to look like a boss. 

The design originates from a 1972 basketball shoe but has been updated to support the beatings of a skate shoe.  Suede and leather body with a rubber sole and Nike’s famous air inserts in the heal for added comfort.

I will start by saying these, like all Nike’s run exceptionally small.  I normally wear a 10.5 to 11  (US) and I had to size up to an 11.5 and could maybe go to a 12 on a good day.  Also, like all Nike’s, they are unpleasantly narrow for anyone whose feet are any wider than a No. 2 pencil.  

Day 1:

Monday was one of those picturesque Minneapolis spring days that are not meant for working but instead should be spent jaunting around the city remembering all of the gems that make this city great.  Which is exactly what I did. 

The Blazers held up well and were actually quite comfortable for a modest 6-mile city bike ride and a short walk around the North Loop. 

I also received an unsolicited compliment from the girl sitting next to me in the coffee shop, so that right there should be reason enough to pick up a pair of these kicks.  

Day 2:

Definitely not a shoe meant for basketball, but it’s Nike, so what the hell, right?  I spent around two hours playing 1 on 1 and shooting hoops with my son and I will go on record to say DO NOT make these your next pair of gym shoes especially if playing basketball is part of your workout.  Ankle support is non-existent, the arch support is somewhere between a 2x4 and an old sponge and the soles are much more situated to stand on grip tape than a gym floor. 

So my advice is to stay off the courts and get on your skateboard.

Day 3:

My goal was to actually get out skating today, but its spring in Minneapolis and rain was in the forecast all day so the skating will have to wait. 

 Wednesday was a workday and spent most of the day in a coffee shop, but I did get in a quick workout at the gym and ran about 3 miles on the treadmill.  I have to say, I was actually pretty surprised at the comfort level on the treadmill especially with the basketball experience on Tuesday.  Not saying I would make these my every day joggers, but in a pinch, you could definitely do much worse.


Today I got a tiny bit of skating in today albeit in the IVY space, but what would a review of a skate shoe be without any actual skating? 

 I genuinely liked the feel of the Blazers while on a skateboard.  Their design is minimal with no unneeded bells or whistles, so the light weight is very comfortable which will be appreciated for extended skate sessions and that extra needed inch on your ollies.

 Like all suede shoes, you will instantly see a rub mark on your ollie side, I’m interested to see how these where over time.

Day 5:

Ok, the sun is shining, I got a chance to dip out of the office, finally a real skate day. 

As expected, these shoes feel comfortable well into your session, but I don’t know if it’s just me, but my dogs were steaming in these heat traps.  Apropos to the name Blazer, the breathability of the Nike Blazers is nowhere to be found and my feet were on fire, but going with the old school design and materials, it doesn’t nurture itself to having any modern materials that will allow your feet some room to breathe. 

By the end of the day, the sole on my ollie side started to peal, not too thrilled with that and the suede showed definite signs of wear.  I do feel that skate shoes look best with some dirt and wear, but I’m concerned these guys are going to breakdown pretty fast.

Wrap up:

1.     Style: 5 out of 5: 

This shoe has a lot of things going for it, style is at the top of the list.  I like these best with black jeans, but honestly, these kicks will fit in with hot pink cargo shorts if that’s your jam.

2.     Functionality/Comfort: 3.5 out of 5

If your only use for these shoes is skateboarding or casual wearing, you’ll be fine.  But if you are looking to wear these on any extended occasions, you’ll definitely want something with more support. 

3.     Durability: 3.5 out of 5

A weeks worth of wear and they seem to be holding up as expected for a skate shoe.  Noticing pretty heavy ollie wear and some of the rubber around the sole is already starting to peal away.

4.     Cost: 4 out of 5

You’re definitely paying for the brand with these and at $75 it’s not an overly heft fee for a pair of average quality skate shoes.

5.     Overall:  4 out of 5

As a skate shoe, I would rate these a 3 as a great looking pair of stylish shoes, I’d give them a 5.

The best thing about the Nike SB Blazers is definitely the look and the comfort.  I will more than likely keep these as a daily wearer rather than a skate shoe based on the early results after skating only a couple of times. I really don’t see the lifespan as a skate shoe lasting much more than a couple of months at best.

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